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About Me

This is my personal landing page, blog and online portfolio. Links to my portfolios can be found on the home page.

This page serves as an online curriculum vitae summary, as well as including some other general information about me and this site. If you’re interested in my formal resume, please email me.


  • Currently employed as the Director of Information Technology for Gateway Rehab

Career Titles and Roles

  • Director of Information Technology Responsible for all IT operations
  • Service Desk Manager Responsible for daily operations of service technicians, management of ITSM portfolio and frameworks, project management, network infrastructure and end user compute infrastructure
  • Technology Manager Responsible for all network and systems, service technicians and infrastructure decisions
  • Network administrator Responsible for all networks and systems, maintenance, design and implementation
  • Transferred to the Information Technology department and started out as a Support Technician


Musical Groups

  • Vocalist and keyboardist with the rock band “BADDADZ”
  • Music director for First Bethel United Methodist Church
  • Music director, keyboardist, vocalist, band leader, arranger and teacher for the Carnegie Presbyterian Church contemporary worship team
  • Musician-for-hire, working as an event-based music director, a band leader, entertainer, soloist and accompanist
  • Pianist with jazz combo “Desafinado”
  • Pianist and rhythm section leader with West Virginia Wesleyan College Jazz Ensemble

Education and Training

  • Degree in Music Theory: Received an undergraduate degree in music theory (with an applied study in piano) from West Virginia Wesleyan College
  • Piano: Started piano lessons at a very young age. Continued study through college.
  • Keyboards and Organ: Experience with modern keyboard and organ techniques, including vintage instruments and modern digital clones
  • Guita:r Studied guitar enough to know what guitarists are doing when sitting in on a jam session
  • Woodwinds and Brass: Played low brass, saxophones and flute during formative school years (grades 4-12)

Site Credits

The site was originally built with Jekyll using the Minimal Mistakes theme. It has recently been rewritten in Hugo with a custom theme built by myself but heavily inspired by the Minimal Mistakes theme. The site code and contents are hosted on GitHub, and the site itself is hosted by Vercel. Images are either my own, or have been sourced from the amazing photographers at Unsplash. My thanks to all of the generous folks who donate their time, energy and talents to all these great projects.

Samuel A. Campbell
Technology. Music. And everything between.
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